Who I Am

Lonnie K. McDowell, attorneyLonnie McDowell was admitted to the Arizona State Bar and Federal District Court in October 1997. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Library Science and a degree in Psychology in 1992, and graduated from the University of Arizona College of Law in 1997. He has four children and a lovely wife. He divides his time between his Cottonwood home office and his Prescott Valley office.

He has successfully dealt with eviction cases, collection cases, bankruptcy cases, probate cases, real estate cases, intellectual property cases, injunctions against harassment, and many other issues. He has prepared and reviewed many contracts and agreements. He has researched trademarks and trade-names, rebutted unwarranted cease and desist letters, helped terminate unfair copyright and publishing agreements, and set up numerous corporations and limited liability companies. Occasionally, when writing website blurbs, he refers to himself in the third person to appear professional.