About me now

Though it pains me to admit it, I am not perfect (see below).

Things I am

I’m local.  I grew up in Prescott, and I practiced law in Yavapai County for 20 years.

I’m the guy. I am personally involved from start to finish.  My clients pay one salary for the chief, cook, and bottle washer, not three salaries.

My Vulnerability
One other thing: I have had health issues that have affected my practice. Some lawyers get involved with drugs or drinking: I am fortunate that drugs or alcohol were never my cross to bear. Instead, my brain chemistry occasionally got out of whack all by itself, leaving me overwhelmed by things normally below the whelm level. Although I was vaguely aware that mental illness affects an estimated 1 in 5 adults at some point during their lives, I was always quite sure I would not be the one.

In 2017 I closed my practice while I dealt with my health issues; this included closing/transferring a number of open or pending files and refunding clients’ money from my trust account when I concluded I could not be an effective advocate for them. I also worked with the state bar to address cases affected by my health issues, and to use resources available through the state bar’s member assistance program. My current attorney status is “Disability: inactive,” meaning I cannot and do not practice law.

As I became aware of the extent of my mental illness, I started receiving treatment from qualified health professionals. It’s an ongoing process. I have a duty to my former clients to respond timely, and will do my best to do so, but If I drop the ball, please feel free to remind me of things. Again: I am human. I will do my best to help you, and I can promise to treat you with respect and courtesy. I appreciate those who have done the same for me.