Scammer request

Being an attorney sometimes means people will try to scam you. One such scam is below. Typically the “client” will send a bogus check either for my services or from the imaginary party on the other side of the transaction, and when it is deposited in my client trust account but hasn’t cleared, they will suddenly need me to wire a partial payment from that check, but will generously offer to let me keep a sizable chunk for my efforts. Which is great until the check they sent bounces and the money I sent disappears.
Incidentally, there is no website for, the scammer didn’t bother to identify my state (often the scam email just says “in your area”) and the grammar is stilted. And other lawyers have received an identical email with a different email address. Yeah, I’ll pass.

To: Lonnie K McDowell
From: Michael
I want to inquire if you handle purchase agreements. I am in the process of selling a drilling rig to a company in your state and they agreed for us to employ a lawyer that will draw a purchase contract which will protect my interest in this transaction. A referral will be helpful if this is not your area of practice. Send your response to my email directly. Regards, Michael Jones